Socializing and sharing
for your website & blog

3 ways to use GoChat on your website


An alternative button to
Google +1 & Facebook Like


Embed directly in
the webpage


Compact vertical-toolbar
in a fixed-position

2 Magical Buttons

Foursquare-like sharing of your site content
Socializing between your website visitors
GoChat Button

A better-alternative to comment boards & chat rooms

GoChat toolbar

Loads of social-features in a
compact vertical-toolbar


(for your website)


GoChat adds a social dimension to any website

Group Chat

Empower website visitors to chat with other visitors
or chat with the website owner
or chat with anyone assigned as website staff/moderators
group chat


1-to-1 private conversations

Chat with any specific user via instant-messaging

Video Chat

See the faces & hear the voices of people on your website
Website owners can configure who can participate in video-chat


Check-in, FileSharing, ChatTweeting and ChatSharing


Imagine Foursquare for your website!

When your visitors press the check-in button their presence on your website is announced to their social circle, encouraging their friends to come to your website. Viral growth occurs when their friends also check-in, thus further announcing your website to friends-of-friends.

With the GoChat Button, users can check-in to specific content within a single page, just like the Google +1 and Facebook Like buttons.

GoChat check-in drives traffic directly to your website, instead of Google or Facebook pages.



  • Share your files
  • Search & download files from other users

GoChat is the quickest way to share files.
Files can be shared individually into the group-chat, or in bulk by sharing a whole folder.

Downloads are super-fast

Sharing doesn't slow your computer
nor utilize bandwidth

Advanced users: how does FileSharing work?

ChatSharing & ChatTweeting

Did someone chat about something funny, shocking or otherwise worth sharing?

When visitors click the chat-text, buttons will appear to
post the chat to Facebook
and/or Tweet it to Twitter.

ChatSharing and ChatTweeting


A private Twitter only for GoChat websites

What's a #trend?

When a word in the chat-text is preceded by a hashtag # then that word gets "#trended". Clicking on a #trended word displays all conversations that contain that same #trend word.

#trend vs. chat?

Anyone can reply to #trend chats just the same way as replying to a regular chat message. Regular chat conversations are unique to each website, but conversations in #trends are a collaboration of chats from users on ALL websites that use GoChat.


Add GoChat Now!

1. (optional) Sign in to GoChat

Signing in now will make you the GoChat administrator for your website; administrators can customize GoChat's appearance, moderate conversations, remove users and assign other people as moderators to your website

2. Select a GoChat style

You can use multiple GoChat units on the same website, in any combination of styles, and conversations will always continue from one GoChat unit to the next


An alternative button to
Google +1 & Facebook Like


Embed directly in
the webpage


Compact vertical-toolbar
in a fixed-position

3. Copy/paste into your website's HTML:

<script type="text/JavaScript" src="https://GoChat.us/chat.js" defer="defer" async="async"></script>



How To?

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How do we pay for GoChat? You don't, it is totally free without any usage limits!
Why are you giving GoChat away for free? We want you to use GoChat and love it! It is totally free and the features that you have now will always remain free.
How do you remain in business if it is free? In the future we will be adding additional premium services to help you increase conversions/sales by using GoChat on your website. This program is designed to be a worthwhile investment with high ROI for commercial websites, and will be available to every GoChat user. Paying for this program will always be totally optional.
Do visitors need to sign in before chatting? Nope. Everyone on your website can immediately chat upon landing on your website, and will be identified as Guest-XYZ; if they choose to sign in then their posts will be updated to display their real name.
user count How can I see who is on my website right now and communicate with them? Under the big GoChat-button there is a number, that is how many people are on your website right now. Click on the Friends-button to see the list of all users, from here you can send a private message to any of them.

Administration Features

How can I modify GoChat's appearance to match my website, add additional moderators or adjust its settings? First, you must be the website administrator (refer to step 1 in Add GoChat Now!) and signed into GoChat. Click the GoChat button, then click Options in the top-bar, then click Admin Panel - a window will open that enables you to configure GoChat to meet your needs.
Can I use GoChat like a free LivePerson to provide website support in realtime? Yes, certainly! Your website administrator can set each of your support-operators as "Official Users" by clicking their username and in their user-profile clicking "promote to official" (only administrators/moderators of your website can see this link.) Then your operators can simply send private message IMs to each user in the Friends-panel offering assistance, just like you would with LivePerson.
How do I block a user from chatting on my website? Click on anyone's username and their user-profile will open; website administrators/moderators will see an additional button to "mute user". Muted users do not get notified and can still see their own messages, just nobody else can see them. If you would like to notify or warn them, send them an instant message.
chat moderation
How do I remove comments from chat? Prerequisite: you need to be signed in to GoChat and be either the website administrator or moderator. Click on any chat-message and an "X" will appear, click this to delete the comment. If you see the other icons (Tiwtter, Facebook, etc.) but not the X-icon then you are not currently signed in to GoChat or you are not set as the administrator/moderator.
Can users report offensive chats without moderator assistance? Yes, users can click on a chat and press report icon to report spam; if enough people report the same chat then GoChat will remove the comment automatically.
profanity management How do I block inappropriate language? GoChat does this automatically in a unique diplomatic manner; the person who used the profanities sees exactly what they have written, everyone else is spared the experience and just sees ****
Can anyone come to my website and start a VideoChat? Yes, the default setting let's anyone VideoChat. Website-administrators can choose to configure GoChat from the Admin Panel to require sign in prior to video chat; doing so will identify each person participating.
Can I download a record of the public chat conversations? Yes, website administrators can open the Admin Panel and click on the Export Chat button.